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When Magen Abraham embarked on our quest in 2002 to create the most precise, reliable, and beautiful sets of siddurim and mahazorim, we did not cut any corners in providing the most superior quality of all aspects of our work for the benefit of the user. The word that comes to mind to all Magen Abraham users is “clarity.”


Our goal from the outset was to produce siddurim and mahazorim that would be beautiful and easy to use; that would follow the nosah and minhagim of the Sephardic Community with utmost accuracy; and that would help elevate the prayers of the user.


Much of our rich heritage that lies in the tefillot, zemirot, and minhagim was getting lost with passing generations. Therefore, we did extensive research to uncover the precise practices of our fathers, while many distinguished community rabbis helped us delve into areas of doubt. Their undisputed rulings on minhagim, nosah, halacha, dikduk, and more, ensure the accuracy of the publications that you see before you today.


With Hashem’s help, once we had the most accurate and reliable nosah with the minhagim, ma’amidim, dikduk, etc., we set out to create and enrich our product for maximum clarity and ease of use.

Instructions and halachot were included in close proximity to the appropriate text should the need arise for one to utilize it during the tefillah.

We painstakingly provided the Mar’eh Mekomot – source of each verse – that appear throughout all of our publications, allowing the reader the option to delve further into those sources for greater understanding and appreciation.

Informative prefaces are also beautifully presented, providing useful frameworks for each book.

Each book features Magen Abraham’s signature no-flip format, which allows the reader to have immediate access to the necessary text at each moment.
The layout was thoughtfully designed in each publication for the reader’s maximum comfort and ease.

Additional features that make the Magen Abraham series so unique, popular, and well-used by the community, are the brilliant Vilna font that appears in each of our products and the specially selected paper that makes the font pleasing to the eye in all lighting.

One needs only to flip to the back to enjoy the various extras included for his convenience such as daily time charts, halachot, pesukim for all names, and more. You have to see it to believe it.


Magen Abraham’s main purpose is to enable you to elevate your prayers. The clarity, reliability, precision, and dependability make Magen Abraham the first choice for community members around the globe. It’s no wonder that the Magen Abraham siddurim and mahazorim grace the tables of your family and friends and are the first ones to be pulled off the shelves in your shul.

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